General Terms and Conditions

Mega Creative s.r.o. based Roháčova 145/14, 130 00 Praha 3, ID number: 06201717, VAT ID: CZ06201717.

1. Introductory Provisions


General terms and conditions regulate the provision of services and define the relationship between Mega Creative s.r.o. Roháčova 145/14, 130 00 Prague 3, VAT ID: 06201717, DIČ: CZ06201717 (hereinafter referred to as the supplier) on one side and by the customer on the other (hereinafter referred to as the customer).


The current wording of the general terms and conditions is publicly available on the supplier's website and it is also possible to request them in a pdf file for printed form by email at the address

2. Object of the contract


The subject of the contract is understood as the implementation of services by the supplier that are bindingly selected by the customer in the contract, by ticking the service, the customer is bindingly ordering the delivery of this service by the supplier.

The subject of the Chatbot service is:

creation of a chatbot and its subsequent connection with the customer's website or e-shop. The supplier undertakes to comply with the deadline for deploying the chatbot on the website as agreed in the contract.

The subject of the Web Analysis service is:

detailed inspection and acquisition of information about the source code of the website, detection of most serious website errors and significant improvement of their quality thanks to other related services. Through the analysis, we will check the information in the header of the page, errors in the HTML code, the semantics of the content, the accessibility and responsiveness of the entire website.

3. Service Content


A contract for the provision of services is validly concluded if an agreement has been reached on their essential requirements and is signed by both contracting parties. The customer is obliged to provide all the following information in the contract: company name, company seat (place of business) as stated in the commercial or trade register, ID number, VAT number (if it is the holder), and contact information such as telephone and e-mail . The customer is obliged to provide all the data necessary for the proper provision of the service, or for the conclusion of the contract, which are requested by the supplier.


If the customer is represented by a contact person, a copy of the power of attorney, contract or other document from which it is clear that the customer is authorized to represent the customer must be attached to the contract, unless otherwise agreed.


The customer bears full responsibility for the content of the information that he provides to the supplier as a basis for creating the contract. The customer is obliged to provide the supplier with correct and complete information and data, the publication of which will not result in a violation of the rights of third parties. The supplier is not responsible for the correctness of the content of the data that it publishes at the customer's request and is not obliged to investigate whether the rights of third parties are violated by this publication. The customer undertakes to pay for the supplier all claims for compensation of damages that a third party will make against him as a result of the content of the information and data provided to the supplier by the customer.

4. Documents for the implementation of the service


Each service is provided on the basis of a contract concluded between the supplier and the customer, is specified in the subject of the contract and is processed on the basis of the data filled in in the contract and documents supplied by the customer containing complete data about the customer, for which the customer confirms their correctness with his signature.


The supplier undertakes to implement the delivery of the bindingly selected service or services by the customer at his best discretion, based on the main activities of the customer listed in the contract, but reserves the right not to use all the main activities listed in the contract when implementing the text.


Logos, images, promotional materials or other graphic materials of the customer may be part of the service, which can be presented together with the text on the website operated by the supplier. These additional documents necessary for the agreed service are handed over at the same time when concluding the contract or are additionally sent by the customer in electronic form to the email The customer is responsible for the timely and error-free delivery of documents for the implementation of the service.

5. Refusal to publish the agreed service


The supplier is entitled to refuse the provision of the contracted services if its meaning, content or execution contradicts general ethical principles, the interests of the supplier, or if it is in conflict with applicable legal regulations. In the event that the reasons for the refusal are discovered by the supplier only after the conclusion of the contract, he is entitled to unilaterally withdraw from the contract, with the provision that the reasons for withdrawal must be communicated in writing to the customer.

6. Withdrawal from the contract


The customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract and thus cancel the ordered service by e-mail for any reason or even without giving a reason no later than five working days from the conclusion of the contract. If the customer withdraws from the concluded contract later than the fifth working day from the conclusion of the contract, the customer is obliged to pay the supplier the entire agreed price of the service, including VAT.


The supplier reserves the right to withdraw from the contract if the customer does not provide cooperation in accordance with the provisions of these contractual terms, or does not pay the proper invoice or advance invoice by the due date. The supplier is entitled to exercise this right against the customer within 20 working days from the day on which he discovered the aforementioned breach of duty by the customer, demonstrably in writing or by e-mail.

7. Delivery price for services and payment terms


The price for the service or services is contractually agreed in accordance with the supplier's current price list and is binding for both parties.


On the contract form, the price is negotiated both without VAT and with VAT. According to applicable standards, the customer undertakes to pay the price, including VAT, on the basis of an advance invoice or a proforma invoice issued by the supplier for that purpose, to the supplier's account indicated on the advance invoice no later than on the due date indicated there. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the advance invoice is due 14 days after it is issued.


The advance invoice and tax document are sent by the supplier to the customer's e-mail address specified in the contract.


Payment for the agreed service or services is made by non-cash bank transfer. Payment is considered the moment when the agreed price is credited to the supplier's account in full, including VAT.